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My first book of short stories and poetry is still available on Kindle and in print from Amazon. Here’s a few snippets of the wonderful reviews it has received already. “This book is a real gem for people who love poetry … and sexy words” “Musings is a perfect late night companion to devour and feast upon , and also a great read to revisit for a quick poetic snack.” “It’s sometimes cheeky, oftentimes naughty, but always nice.

Simply put, this book is a little treasure.” “I knew this was going to be good but I didn’t realise just how good….” “It definitely put a smile on my face quite a few times.” “…particularly enjoyed Merlot’s poetry, which is sweet, cheeky, fun and sexy.” “Wonderful collection of words that make your body & mind crave more attention.” It’s available here; 🇬🇧 🇺🇸


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Protect Your Breasts #PYB – The end of an era.

Recently it was announced that PYB is to come to an end, with the closure of all the PYB social media accounts this weekend.

PYB has, for several years now, posted monthly reminders to its followers to check themselves for the early signs of breast and testicular cancer and they have been very successfully raising awareness. The yearly PYB events, held in September have been lots of fun, with followers changing their AVI pictures to one that’s more… breast related. I know L & V both worked very hard during this time, with support and help from numerous supporters.

I very proudly took part in “Framed” in 2015, which was a book of short stories by 28 authors, all using the same picture as inspiration. Being asked to contribute to such a great enterprise was a complete surprise to me. At first I was doubtful as to whether I would be able to rise to the challenge, but L gave me such wonderful words of encouragement I sat down and the end result was a story entitled “Coming Home.”

The fun experience I had being a part of PYB’s Framed spurred me on to collate and publish my own book of short stories and poems. Without PYB and the belief and encouragement from L and others, my book “Musings” would not have happened. Therefore I owe PYB and it’s supporters a massive thank you.

I’m very sad to see PYB’s demise and I’ll miss the PYB weekend in September, along with the AVI changes. Also, however, I know that all the organisation that must have been involved in running PYB has been very time consuming and must have put extra unwelcome pressure on L & V. Therefore I think ending PYB is the right thing to do, as the thought of extra stress and work landing on its organiser’s doorsteps can’t have been nice at all.

Maybe if we all can remember to send a tweet, facebook update or Instagram post every now and then reminding readers to check themselves occasionally, PYB’s message can continue, post-PYB…

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Awe, In Abundance…

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If We Lay Here…

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Starless Nights

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Cherry Skies

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Future Memories

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That Look Of Lust

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#SableSwanV #poetrychallenge #poetry #micropoetry 

Ignore the nagging voices

That dwell within your head

Wicked words of loathing

That fill your day with dread

Pay no heed to what they say

Their spiky words of hate

Focus on the positive

Self doubts evaporate

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My book – Musings

This book is a jumble of micropoetry, interspersed with some short stories I have penned. I enjoy writing short poems that are able to portray an image, tell a story or convey a message using very few words. These are sometimes erotic, sometimes about love and some have a science-fiction twist too.

It is an anthology of work, most of which have previously been posted to various social media sites online, but some are new and are seeing light of day for the first time here.

My aim was to create a book that could be picked up, browsed through and returned to again and again, but of course if you would prefer to read it cover to cover in one sitting, of course, you can.

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